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so... you say you've got a project

Dearest Future Client,
  • For the Big Dreamers

    You've got vision for days and the project plan to go with it; only thing you don't have is a fairy godmother to poof it into existence.

    Delegate the design work for your business cards, flyers, banners, decals, stickers, brochures --*deep breath*-- product tags, thank you cards, and invitations to us. We'll design your printed material to your specs and make sure it's all ready to print, leaving you with more time to build that dream.

    We've got our wands ready

  • To the 25/7 Hustlers

    Sleep? Pfft! Sleep can come later-- there are places to be, people to meet, deals to close, and a bank account to feed. You've got ambition, hustle, and grit in spades-- if only you had one more hour in the day.

    Send those promo images that need resizing, photos that need watermarking, the album cover you sketched on the back of that napkin and we'll handle the rest. And ---well, would you look at that? You just added an extra hour to your day.

    Need anything else, Chief?

  • Dearest, Overworked Entrepreneur

    You've worked hard, built up your company, and business is good. Really good. Overwhelmingly good. Busy is your middle name, and your team is swamped. You've got the equipment, software, and even the art department to go with it, but you're about a dozen orders over capacity.

    Give us your overwhelm and we'll make sure your art is set up the way you want, taking some of that stress off your team. Take a breather, boss, you've earned it.

    Relax. We've got this

  • We're here to help

    evil eye candy is your personal art department, ready to drag that project off your to do list and into reality. Whether it's a full blown stationary suite for your fledgling empire or the t-shirt design for this year's family reunion, we've got your back.

    Brief us about your big (or small) idea. We can hardly wait to get started.

    Here's how we operate

Introduce yourself

Tell us what you need and by when and we'll get all the deets together to send you a quote. Accept the estimate online and we get to work.

Here's Our Price Guide

Watch the art roll in

We send you proofs of the art, you send your feedback and we revise until you're satisfied. If you have a printer in mind, we'll set your art up on their template so it's ready to print. If not, we'll make sure you have your art in whatever format you need.

Pay and it's ALL yours

A lot of places retain the rights to the art they create so they can reuse the design for other clients. At evil eye candy, the art and the rights to that art are all yours. After we receive payment you'll receive a copy of both the final art and the working files. You paid for the art, shouldn't you be able to keep the files?

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Working with Us

We'd like to think we're easy to work with, but it always helps to ask people we've worked with in the past.

"I was worried that the artist would not "see" my vision. I wanted something rough and funky and a previous artist that I spoke to just couldn't understand the vibe I was going for. From the minute I told Erin what I wanted, she knew exactly the feeling I was going for. She was just as enthusiastic about the project as I was!"
- Tonya T, Back Yonder Ranch

Back Yonder Ranch Logo

"The flyers you designed for me are outstanding...I've got several new clients from them and I thank you again. You're a blessing" - Lakeisha Mitchell, Delivered Diva

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Past Work

We've been at this for seven years now, and have had the opportunity to collaborate on some really great projects with our clients. Here are a few that were fun for us and left our clients beaming. If you want to see more we've got tons posted on social media. Stalk us. We don't mind.

So how about it?

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